[Ninja Log v.1]

Well after owning my first bike (1988 Kawasaki Ninja 600R) I became addicted to bikes. I purchaced that bike cheap from a guy I worked with and drove it for 2 seasons. I found this bike at the end of the second season from a dealer in IL. I had been looking for months and months for a Ninja that wasnt green. I really liked the ZX7-R but that bike just didnt fit me as well as a ZX6R did. After one season with this bike under my belt, I am very happy with the bike.

Purchace date: April 26, 2005


The bike is in excellent condition. The only blemishes are a little wear on the frame where your feet rub up against. The motor is quiet and pulls hard from idle to redline. I havent done any work on the bike other than oil changes. This summer I am going to get a new air filter (K&N) and perform its first major service (the 15k service). I am looking at, and will eventually buy a bolt on Yoshimura stainless pipe. I bought new riding gear to match the bike seeing as how my old stuff was black/red. For now it just sits covered in the garage awaiting its awakening once again this summer.