Welcome to the Evo log. Here you can find information about my car, stuff I have done, and my future plans for it. I bought it from a BMW dealer in Naperville, IL. I was on a work - school trip and had seen the car listed for sale online. My hotel was only about 10 miles away from the dealer so I decided to check it out. After looking for a clean one for a few months I found mine.

Car purchace date: 01/28/2006


No blemishes, car looks brand new. The drivers seat has minor wear but is common on this type of car. The car is equipped with a lot of cool features in additon to the standard evo stuff.. HID's, power sunroof, carbon fiber spoiler, auto headlight leveling system, intercooler sprayer, and one additional non stock item - a Blitz turbo timer. Other than the turbo timer, the car is 100% stock.

I dont have the exact dates when I installed these items, but here's a list:

Installed XM radio w/ a custom ashtray mount.

Installed my sony mp3 cd player (from the subie).

Installed brass underhood shifter bushing kit

Installed brass in car shifter bushing kit.

Changed iridium spark plugs to NGK BPR7ES

Changed all drivetrain fluids with OEM mitsu stuff (expencive but shifting is as good as new)

Installed universal winter floor mats


When I bought the car the brakes were good (no noise or vibrations), but the pad life is almost gone. I purchaced a four corner set of Hawk HPS pads which will be installed as soon as I recieve them.

Future plans:

After I bought it I have been all over Evo sites on the net. Looking at everything online and bugging my friend Jason, it seems that there is more aftermakert goodies for this car than a 92-95 civic, or so it seems anyway. I dont know how crazy I am going to get with this car, but I do know that this is the best car I have ever bought. It has been too long since I waited for my ride home from work, or just going out driving for the heck of it. For now I'll just say I am at least going to do some basic mods and we'll see what comes after that.