[MR2 Log V.2]


Welcome to my MR2 project page! The following is a past and present history of my MR2. I have very big plans for this car and hope that this page will be useful for others following a similar path. Inside you will find info and guides on how to repair and modify the MKI MR2. This is my second mr2, the first one was sold about a year ago and I missed it so much I had to have another one. My old mr2 was an 87 which I converted to SC and did a bunch of other stuff. My old page can be found here.

Car purchaced XX/XX/05

Condition: Mint body but needs paint job, brakes shot, engine burns oil pretty bad.

Plans: Restore interior, paint exterior, install the extra 4agze thats sitting in my basement, add custom turbocharger/manifold, tune with megasquirt (which I had on my previous mr2), upgrade to 87+ brakes, improve suspension, and of course add a little bling hehe.

So it begins:

July 02, 2005

Performed front fender service (sorry no links but I found the info on the forum) to prevent rust. Basically I just removed the side skirts cut a hole in the fender liner so the leaves/dirt could escape eliminating the possibility of rust thats common in the front fenders.

Installed 87+ gauge cluster, swapped in original milage ODO and cleaned plastic cover

July 03, 2005

Installed my old radio (actually from my old mr2) which was pretty straight forward, had the same harness plug but my 86 has no rear speakers! I'll be taking care of that in the future for sure. Heres a PIC of the installed radio.

One of the biggest eye sores in the interior department was the ripped arm rest. Well, I wrote up a little guide on how to repair the armrest. It can be found here.


September 17, 2005

Woke up this morning and decided that it was time to pull the motor. Drove the 2 into toyota, my new current job. Put her on the rack and started ripping her apart. This was the easiest removal to the date. Not a single bolt was broken thanks to the whole no rust factor. The engine was sitting on the ground 1.5 hours later. After cleaning up and organizing tools/parts Ryan came to pick up the motor. Loaded it up in his Tacoma and the remainder of parts I wont be needing. I also recived a gift from the original owner of the car... and unknown lightweight flywheel. I plan on asking him if he remembers what kind he put in it. I most likely wont be using it however due to my desire to use my SC trans with the TRD LSD unit. Jason helped me get the car back to my parents house safely thanks to the trusty year 2000 mirage tow rope and his trusty camry. I have a few pics that can be found here showing the mr2 progress. I also have ripped out the door panels and started dissmantling them. I have to find out where to find some cool tasteful fabric and vinyl or leather to resurface the door panels with. Once I find/figure out what I want to use I will update the LOG.

Thats all for now, I'll be updating this page as I continue projects


September 12, 2008

 After running into both major and minor problems Nikki II breathed fire once again.  I can't believe that even after sitting for 4 years, the "new" engine just started right up.  There are a few videos on the site of me and some minor frustrations.  Most of the time since the original startup has been refining the wiring and piping to my liking.  I soldered and neatly wrapped all the misc. wiring for the swap. I decided on just buying a silicone vac. hose kit just because it was cheaper than the Toyota lines.  I think it turned out pretty good despite my original feelings toward colored hoses. 


I bought some hard aluminum piping that I intend to swap out for the stock plastic intercooler piping.  I also bought some nice red silicone couplers to match the red hoses.  And finally I bought some T clamp connectors all the turbo guys use to keep the hoses from popping off. 


I also got a K&N filter which appears to be suitable for a sport bike rather than a car.  It's super small!  Even though it fits perfectly without any modifications, so I will keep it.  The 86 cars do not have the air filter inside the trunk compartment and since I made a hole through the firewall for the engine harness where the air filter junction would normally be, I decided that I would just use an "in engine bay" filter.


Since I have been into cars I have always wanted stainless steel brake lines.  MK1 MR2's are getting old... I am actually still waiting on my collector car plates.  Since all four brake rotors/pads were shot, and my lines most likely haven't ever been replaced I decided to buy a set.  The fluid looks to have been changed to what I believe to be ATE Blue DOT 4 racing fluid.  Either way I plan on flushing the entire system with the super blue racing fluid when I do the brakes.  Because I needed basically all new brakes I decided to upgrade to the larger rotors and matching pads.  I went cheap-o aftermarket with the rotors, but they seem to actually be pretty nice quality.  They were actually so cheap that if they suck I will happily replace them again next year.  (all four shipped for the price of one Toyota OEM rotor).  I did purchase Toyota OEM pads just because I have always been a fan of Toyota pads.  This car most likely wont be a "crazy race car" like I intended it to be originally, but maybe some day...  Anyways, I had purchased a long time ago front brackets to accommodate the larger rotors, but still need the rears.  I was able to swap the fronts out, and I now have the rear brackets needed for the rear swap.  This weekend I will be swapping out the lines, doing the rear brake job, and flushing the entire system with the racing fluid I got from Pegasus Racing Supply.


I also bought the same gauges that I had installed in my 1st mr2.  This time I bought a cheap gauge pod that seems to fit almost perfectly on top of the center console.  Installation was pretty straight forward, as this is now the 2nd time I have done it.  I also got a denso universal 4 wire o2 sensor that I wired into the air fuel gauge/ECM.  I do have the lean below 3500 condition, which I still need to figure out a solution to.  I have the stock pulley and my last mr2 wasn't even close to this bad, so I suspect there may be something wrong.  I will update the log when I figure out the solution.


A couple cool cosmetic mods I did were clear front turn signals with amber LED lights, super white backup LED lights, misc. interior and marker super white LED lights.  The flasher is load dependent so I am going to be eventually installing a non-load dependent flasher to fix the rapid flash condition.


My last update is the door panel work.  I have always been interested in interior work, but have always been afraid to rip something like that apart.  After doing the passenger side I have gained a lot of confidence.  Pimp my ride influenced my decision to go with some suede, heh.  I was originally going to go with red but I thought that was just too much "over the top" and might look a bit gaudy.  This grey I picked matches the stock seats almost perfectly and I am pretty happy with the results.  Originally I ripped it apart because the "pleather" had rips it in.  Now its nice and new, and adds a bit of custom touch to the interior.  In the future I plan on doing a how-to because it really isn't that difficult - it just takes some time and patience. 


Tomorrow I am going to weld up the exhaust with a permanent flex pipe, install the intercooler piping and fix some more misc things.  Also, I am going finish up the brakes this weekend.