Throughout the past few years, I have both changed the tanks around frequently and learned a great deal about aquatics.  My current setup is as follows:

90 Gallon in the living room – Freshwater semi-aggressive planted tank (my showcase tank)

          C02 injected, high wattage daylight compact fluorescent, automatically fertilized, planted tank with many live plants

          Two roseline sharks

          Four large bala sharks

          One large red tailed shark

          A few other sharks

          Misc barbs/tetra’s

          Small catfish

          Lots of algae control fish…

55 Gallon downstairs – aggressive piranha tank

          Three 5-6 inch red belly piranha’s

30 Gallon in my room – nano reef saltwater tank

          35 lbs of live rock

          One 4” fuzzy dwarf lionfish

          One scooter blenny

          Misc inverts

Current pictures can be found here

Old pictures can be found here